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Since 1903, Sanct Bernhard has been offering health and wellbeing products. That's when its founder collected herbs and plants of the mountain region of San Bernardo, where the climate of the Alps provided ideal conditions for a wide variety of herbs and medicinal plants of the highest quality and purity. Since then, Sanct Bernhard has maintained its strong commitment to using only the finest raw materials and ingredients. With experience of more than 100 years and the highest quality controls, Sanct Bernhard now offers over 500 natural products for wellness, health and beauty.





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Sanct Bernhard provides a wide variety of natural remedies, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, traditionally used plants, balms, oils, creams and cosmetics for health and beauty.


The revival of traditional remedies

The revival of traditional remedies and the new nutritional awareness means not only to cure but mor importantly to prevented health related problems.

This concept is providing new ways for health and wellness. An importnat example are the newly defined NUTRACENTICIALS. This designation is applied in increasing number to foods or nutritional substances that are part of a food at the same time, have health and healing properties. Complementary nutrients, primarily provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients needed for the body, that the human body no longer receives in good condition or in the quantities needed by meands of a normal diet.

Nature is always balance. When this balance is broken by the stress of living for quick and unrhythmicity diets, processed and impoverished food, due to industrialized production systems and lacking the natural and essential nutrients, then we must return to nature to find new bases for our health and well-being.

The interest of society for natural and healthier nutrition and health is fortunately growing. Many participants are recovering old recipes that samoetimes for thousands of years have been used as remedies and health related issued.

After the verification of their properties and virtues through the use of analytical techniques and scientific studies today, many of these, almost lost recipes have been restored and rehabilitated.

The primary objective of a utritional and health plan aims to maintain good health and wellbeing into old age, would focus on enhancing and strengthen their own defenses to prevent deficiencies, illness or chronic ailments as well as the loss of physical capacity and performance issues that may otherwise result in premature aging.

The correct composition of the good natural remedies are the crystallization of historical knowledge and the biological response to the needs of maintaining good health and wellness.

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